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Apostille Services

Starting at $125



Base price includes travel and courier/shipping costs. Travel up to 15 miles.

An Apostille is simply the name for a specialized certificate, issued by the Secretary of State. The Apostille is attached to your original document to verify it is legitimate and authentic so it will be accepted in one of the other countries who are members of the Hague Apostille Convention.

Apostilization of documents can be a difficult process. In most cases, you will need to obtain an original, certified copy of the document you are required to apostille. Once obtained, the original document will have to be submitted to the issuing office of authentications, such as the Secretary of State or the US State Dept, for apostille. The biggest challenge in the apostille process is the unique document and Secretary of State or State Dept requirements one must meet before the document is valid for apostille. This is why I offer a document review process that will ensure your documents meet all the requirements necessary for Apostille or Legalization. I will prepare, file and obtain your apostille documents on your behalf in the most convenient and professional manner.

I am capable of obtaining an apostille on documents such as birth certificates, FBI reports, transcripts, marriage certificates, death certificates, FBI background reports, social security letters, company by laws, powers of attorney agreements, trademarks, diplomas, treaties, warrants, extraditions, agreements, certificates of good standing and much more!

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