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General Notary Services

Starting at $5

30 minutes


Please call, email or fill out a reqest to get an accurate quote for notarization services.

Get any document not related to a real estate transaction notarized. This includes everything from powers of attorney, trust documents, healthcare-related documents, auto title transfers and many more.

Types of documents and instances notarized:

Living Wills

Last Will and Testament

Divorce Decree

Prenuptial Agreement




Powers of Attorney


Signature Witnessing


Structured Settlements

Advanced Medical Directives

Professional Documents

Personal Documents

Court Hearings by Telephone – Oath Administering


Pursuant to S.C. Code of Laws §26-1-100(A), there is a $5.00 fee per notarial act. A breakdown of those fees per signature are as follows:

(1) for an acknowledgment, five dollars per signature;

(2) for an oath or affirmation without a signature, five dollars per person;

(3) for a jurat, five dollars per signature;

(4) for a signature witnessing, five dollars per signature; and

(5) for a verification of fact, five dollars per certificate.

When you book Parker C's mobile notary service, additional fees will apply and those fees are as follows:

Travel/Convenience Fee: If we drive to meet you at a specific location, a travel/convenience fee will be included in the total cost of service. This fee also helps cover overhead expenses such as gas, transaction fees, E&O insurance, courier services, etc. This fee is in addition to the $5 notarial act.

I may travel to neighboring counties for an additional fee. Ask for details.

Other Fees: Depending on meeting location and situation, additional fees may apply:

Prison Visits

Parking meters

Parking garages

Airport parking

Excessive wait times (beyond 15 minutes).

Urgent/Last Minute Requests

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