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Notary Permit Runner

Starting at $200



Base price includes travel (up to 15 miles), permit service and admin fees. Price does not include permit fees.

A Notary Permit Runner presents applications, plans or the necessary paperwork for a building project to the building or other local and state departments for their permission. The NPR obtains (pulls) the permit; then either faxes or mails a copy to the builder or drops the permit off to the builder.

As a permit runner, I help manage paperwork during the permitting process. This frequently involves helping drop off or pick up paperwork from city/county offices, reviewing materials, reviewing permits to ensure they meet all submission requirements, and interacting with both city and project staff to help advance approvals. Permit runners often process several permits each day, sometimes for different projects, and stay in constant contact with project teams to better estimate when each permit is needed. Permit runners are also known as permit expediters, and most are extremely local, often working within a single city or county to help manage relationships and understand the unique quirks and expectations of each government office.

I go above and beyond what you may have experienced in the past. Parker C offers full-service permit project management to help save time and money.

Counties I currently service:




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