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Seller Side Real Estate Closing Docs

Starting at $175

30 Minutes


Base price includes signing service, notarization and travel costs (up to 15 miles).

Commonly used with mail away closing packages. This occurs when a homeowner sells their home. When a seller sells their home, there is paperwork that needs to be signed and several documents that will need to be notarized. These packages can range anywhere from 20-75 pages. Common seller documents include:

The HUD-1 settlement statement

The closing agent prepares this accounting of all the money involved in the transaction. This statement is required by federal law. There is a buyer’s column and a seller’s column on this form. (You should have received a copy for review prior to the closing meeting.) Double-check all figures and look for clerical errors before signing the HUD-1 form. Check everything from the sales price to the payoff balances on your loan and the pro-rated tax and utility bills you’re being charged. You’ll need this form for your federal income taxes.

Certificate of title

This is a statement swearing you have the right to sell the property.

The deed

The deed is the instrument for transferring title. The type of deed used varies by state — grant deed, warranty deed, etc. — but the purpose is the same. Ownership transfers to the buyer when the signed deed, which includes the legal description of the property, is recorded at the county courthouse.

Loan payoff

This document shows your loan payoff amounts to be paid at closing.

Mechanic’s liens

You may be asked to sign a document swearing there is no possibility of a lien being placed against the property by a subcontractor or other laborer for money owed.

Bill of sale

This paperwork itemizes any personal property — the backyard barbecue and coffee table — you agreed to sell your buyer and transfers ownership to them. Verify that everything you agreed to sell is listed and correctly priced.

Statement of closing costs

Your signature on this document says you were informed about the various fees and closing costs ahead of time.

Statement of information

The title company will require that you swear you are who you say you are.

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